Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final: Creativity

The Cutting Edge of Communication

I have accepted that social media is definitely part of my life. Not only is it a section of my life, it is a way of life. Facebook and Twitter are the main sources of my social media. Not until recently did I realized how much value the two medias have in the world today. Social media fuels the fire of a “right now”/”results” media. If I need an answer from a business or want to get their attention I can simply send a tweet, narrow it down with a hashtag or mention the business in a Facebook status to get results. This is much simpler and satisfying then writing and mailing a letter with an ounce of hope it gets in the hands of the right person. Social media has allowed business to grown and continually brand themselves. This new age of writing gives value to a voice. Customers can be heard, and business can find out what it is that the customer really needs. Social media has opened up a new demographic of creativity. Writing on Twitter and Facebook is to the point. This makes writers conjure up clever terms, words, and fun games for customer to really interact with the business. Business and consumers, give social media Thanks. Facebook and Twitter gave your opinions value.

Social media has molded society into a, I want it, and I want it now attitude. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Society doesn’t wait for a person to catch up before continuing. Getting direct and person messages through twitter can help a person with a much needed solution. Business have been forced to join in and accecpt that if you’re not involved with social media, then why should we be involved in your business? People want to be heard. And business want to hear what their customers want. Social media has created a win win.

Even though Twitter and Facebook provide instant satisfaction, excitement, and a voice, there are a few drawbacks. If a business such as Target, posts something that could be considered insensitive to an incident, within seconds billions of followers have viewed it. For instance, Charlie Sheen accidently tweeted his phone number to 5 million flowers the other day. He meant to send a private tweet to a buddy and instead got a multitude of calls and texts that resulted in a change of phone number. Anything put on the web can not be erased.

My own writing has been affected by blogging and tweeting. I am more apt to click on an interesting blog and read article that I normally wouldn’t search out just sitting on Google. I see the interest of my friends and am drawn in by pure curiosity. I’ve realized it’s okay to be a little subjective sometimes. Showing who you are, what you’re in to, and a little creativity is what makes a person unique. Special traits and talents can be portrayed though tweeting and blogging without seeming annoying and attention seeking. It’s exciting to see what will be next in the realm of social media.

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